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COHUBICOL project publications

This pages house the primary research outputs from the COHUBICOL project, based on our key intermediate goals as specified in the project grant.

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These set out our working definitions for key concepts in law and computer science, grounding our analysis and paving the way for a new hermeneutics to be developed toward the end of the project. These concepts are the building blocks of many other legal concepts, such as contract, tort, criminal offence, property and many more.

Working papers

This Working Paper is part of the core output of the COHUBICOL project, which stands for ‘Counting as a human being in the era of computational law’. It presents the first jointly developed intermediary result of the project, focused on the kind of legal protection that is made possible by text-driven normativity.

(A PDF version will be produced once the text is finalised.)

2. Code-driven normativity (CDN)

Coming 2022

3. Data-driven normativity (DDN)

Coming 2022

Coming 2022