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Outreach activities

To date we have engaged in numerous outreach activities across various channels:

  1. Education
  2. Demonstrations and Workshops
  3. Keynotes and talks
  4. Research blog posts
  5. Publications


  1. ‘Critical Reflections on Computational Law (CRCL)’, Buchmann Faculty of Law, Tel Aviv University, Apr-May 2022; view the course syllabus (Diver and Hildebrandt)
  2. Radboud University Honours Academy, Honours Programme in the Bachelor of AI, 14 Nov 2022 (Hildebrandt)
  3. International Conference on AI and Law (ICAIL) tutorial: ‘Method for Evaluating Legal Technologies (MELT)’, 19 Jun 2023 (McBride, Diver, Medvedeva)


Demonstrations and Workshops

  1. Radboud University iHub lecture series, 27 Sep 2022: (Diver, McBride, Medvedeva, Hildebrandt)
  2. Conference on Cross-disciplinary Research in Computational Law (CRCL) official launch event, 3 Nov 2022: (Diver, McBride, Medvedeva, Hildebrandt)
  3. Dutch AI Coalition, 22 Nov 2022 (closed session) (Diver, McBride, Medvedeva)
  4. FARI: AI for the Common Good, Brussels, 24 Nov 2022: (Diver, McBride, Medvedeva, Hildebrandt)
  5. Maastricht University Research Based Learning initiative (MARBLE) short input lecture, 14 Dec 2022: (Diver, Medvedeva, McBride)
  6. Rechtspraak, The Hague, 20 Jan 2023: multiple workshops on JURI SAYS with incorporation of the Typology for judges and staff of the Court of the Hague


Keynotes and talks

  1. Keynote at JURIX, 16 Dec 2022: ‘A Typology of Legal Techs: A method to map/compare/assess’ (slides) (Hildebrandt)
  2. Keynote Women in Data Science, 7 Mar 2023 (slides) (Hildebrandt)


Research blog posts

  1. E. van den Hoven, P. Meessen, and M. Medvedeva, Caselaw revisited:’s case law tracker assessed with the Typology of Legal Technologies, COHUBICOL Research Blog, 23 Dec 2022
  2. L. Diver, The medium is the message: some technical notes on our Typology of Legal Tech, COHUBICOL Research Blog, 1 Nov 2022
  3. P. McBride and M. Medvedeva, Casetext’s CoCounsel through the lens of the Typology, COHUBICOL Research Blog, 4 July 2023



  1. M. Hildebrandt, ‘Grounding Computational ‘Law’ in Legal Education and Professional Legal Training’ in the Elgar Handbook on Law and Technology (forthcoming 2024)